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If you are running for office and seek our endorsement, but do not see your race or appropriate questionnaire here, please contact Erik Meinhardt at erikfmeinhardt@gmail.com,



In 2020 we will be endorsing candidates for the United States House of Representatives, the Ohio Senate and House of Representatives, and several Cuyahoga County offices, including 5 County Council seats. We will also endorse candidates in 19 Judicial races. Although we do not officially endorse a Presidential candidate, we will be working hard to elect the Democratic Presidential nominee through voter registration efforts, offering assistance to voters who are new to the mail-in voting process, and get-out-the-vote drives. 

Interviews and endorsements were completed in February for candidates with Democratic opposition and, as you are aware, the Ohio primary election was postponed and extended to April 28th. We had hoped to endorse the remaining candidates in May, but it is clear now that significant changes are necessary due to the need for physical distancing and limiting the size of gatherings. We are looking into several virtual and/or telephonic solutions that will facilitate interviewing, hearing from candidates at the August endorsement meeting and mail-in voting by members in good standing. We will send invitations and instructions to access our questionnaire (see below for description of this and other aspects of the process) in July, although if you scroll down on this page you will find the link to the questionnaire.  

We expect to have an interview and meeting solution ready to share with candidates and members in June. We will post it in this space, on social media and by email. 

If as a candidate or voter, you have recently been involved in an endorsement interview or meeting that successfully incorporated some of these elements, we would be happy to hear your ideas . Please reach out to erikfmeinhardt@gmail.com.

If you are a Stonewall Democrats member or would like to become one, you must be current on your 2020 dues to vote. Since we will probably be mailing ballots, you might want to renew your membership early so you are not left out. On this website, click on Memberships 


In order to get to know the candidates who seek our endorsement, we require them to fill out a questionnaire which is accessible on this website. The questionnaire for non-judicial offices contains 20 items covering local ordinances, policies and legislation that greatly impact the happiness and well-being of people in the LGBTQIA+ community. In addition to its usefulness as a way of vetting candidates and casting a light on their opinions and attitudes regarding the LGBTQIA+ community, it also gives candidates some insight into issues that we might ask them to discuss in the interview or work on with us later if/when they become elected officials.

About a week after the questionnaire’s submission deadline, we conduct brief interviews with candidates for non-judicial races. A panel of CSD members may discuss any questionnaire items candidates might have trouble with, and when necessary educate candidates who may not be familiar with some of the issues we consider key to being a fair-minded public servant. 

After Judicial candidates submit their questionnaires their responses are considered by a panel of CSD members who are lawyers, former judges or otherwise legally- trained professionals.

The last step occurs at our endorsement meeting where candidates address the members present, and the members in turn vote. A vote of 60% of the voting members is necessary for endorsement.


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